Takeshi Morioka, JOeB’s Chief Development Officer and Technical Advisor to Honda Academy, gave a keynote speech entitled “Challenges to Dreams and Overcoming Many Difficulties to Achieve Success” at 2:00 p.m. on January 28, 2023, during the Uruma City Industrial Festival.

The conference room was filled with participants, who listened attentively to Morioka’s passion for manufacturing and his many stories of failure and success. It was so successful that many people continued to ask individual questions for almost 30 minutes after the speech was over.

During the lecture, JOeB also mentioned that it will start full-scale manufacturing in Okinawa, and appealed the existence of JOeB to many people in Okinawa, including citizens of Uruma.
In addition, Kameda, JOeB’s recruiting manager, also made a speech to the audience regarding the hiring of new employees for the next term.