the aluminum which is mainly used for our mobility frames

A7204 is
a superior aluminum which
was created in
pursuit of
strength and

A7204, developed in Japan, is very strong among aluminum alloys. It is commonly referred to as a ternary alloy, and is used for strength components in Shinkansen (bullet train), cars, automobiles and motorcycles.
It has also excellent weldability, and is characterized by the fact that the heat-affected part due to welding is restored to a strength close to that of the base metal by natural aging.
In addition, it is lightweight, highly recyclable, and highly formable.
JOeB Tech will procure high-quality made-in-Japan A7204 manufactured by UACJ and UACJ Extrusion Corporation.
Although the price of 7000 series itself is about 30% higher than that of the commonly used 6000 series, the total manufacturing cost is expected to be almost the same as that of 6000 series because its high strength makes it superior in formability, which reduces the number of press molds and welding points.
A7204 is the only aluminum with low environmental impact that does not undergo heat treatment, thus reducing CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process.